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    Happy Wheels started its meteoric rise to the top of the physics games chart in August 2011 almost after a year after its initial release. There really isn’t a more popular physics game than this really, Happy Wheels is hugely popular. It’s currently searched for over 4 million times a month in Google alone so it’s not hard to see how Happy Wheels is the king of the Physics games.

    When you play the Happy Wheels Demo online you are limited to the amount of tracks that you can play on and the amount of characters that you can play with. In the full version of Happy Wheels there are no limitations to what characters you can play or what tracks you play on.

    In the past decade Flash games have really come a long way, broadband means that people no longer have to wait for very basic titles to load over sluggish dial-up connections, so now powerful engines mean Flash games have become even better and a lot more entertaining, with creators able to flourish with their creative flare.

    In the past there have been a number of popular Flash games to hit the internet. Happy Wheels is the latest Flash game phenomenon to make waves online, doing so in its own amusingly depraved style. Launched in 2010, it was developed by one man, but as with other hit titles it has generated its own community of content creators who are taking it from strength to strength with new things to do and new ways in which to play. With many PC and Console games there generally isn’t much scope for players to develop or have input into their favourite games, unlike Happy Wheels, which is what makes it so popular.


    The principles behind Happy Wheels are simple: Get the player-controlled character from the start of the level to the finish. Your means of travel depend on which character you choose; all have their own mode of transport which will lead to a different outcome in the game.

    There is an eclectic collection of characters in Happy Wheels you have a guy on a Segway, a person in a wheel chair and an irresponsible mother with her children precariously balanced on her bike. You get more characters in the full game such as a married couple, an explorer and even Santa.

    Much of the gameplay is based around the physics engine, which is used to dictate how characters move and how they interact with the objects in the levels. In Happy Wheels this includes when body part fall off and blood spurts out when a character falls off their mode of transport.

    The game’s aesthetic leans towards cartoony violence and in the most carefully designed levels it becomes a gleefully anarchic experience. You can detect the game’s irreverent tone since one of the start screens features a woman suffering from obesity scowling angrily out at you, perhaps as a result of having just used a BMI calculator.

    To be fair most of the characters will have a rather lower body mass index once their limbs have been sent cart wheeling away from their bodies. There are a lot of hazards in Happy Wheels that can leave carnage in their wake and you will often feel compelled to kill the avatar you are controlling just to see what happens.


    The real appeal of Happy Wheels online is that users can create their own levels and content, tinkering with the underpinnings of the engine to forge something new. This means the game can really keep going and going, with new features added by users all the time. There are thousands upon thousands of user-generated levels and with a rating system it is easy to find out which ones are decent and which are best avoided.

    Anyone designing levels can implement their own goals and create their own set piece sequences, which mean that Happy Wheels has evolved its own narrative experience. So if you think you can do better then there is nothing stopping you designing your own.


    Many people comment that the only problem with Happy Wheels is that it can become quite addictive, you will constantly promise yourself that you will play just one more level, only to end up hooked for another hour. To be honest it’s probably best you don’t play it when you have anything important to do as it won’t get done! Also you may end up like some of the characters featured in the game, play it for too long and you might want to calculate BMI on a BMI chart, because you could turn into a bit of a couch potato.

    Joking aside, Happy Wheels is an impressive, free Flash experience that will hopefully evolve into something more in the future. It would be nice to see an HD port for consoles that could follow in the footsteps of previous Flash stalwarts such as Trials.

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